• Exploiting the New Economy

    The Rise of Automation and the Blockchain Economy

    It is predicted that the Blockchain will impact upon our economy, much as the Internet has done over the past two decades. Bitcoin and hundreds of cryptocurrencies use the blockchain and are helping to transform how we do business. The Blockchain is here to stay and its impact has only just begun. Banks such as Barclays, J P Morgan Chase, the Bank of Japan, and businesses like IBM, Microsoft, Walmart, Nasdaq, Fox, Visa and Maersk are already into the Blockchain. Billions have been invested and Venture Capital in Blockchain Startups is feeding a culture of change that will sweep across the world, to create the new economy.

    The Rise of Cryptocurrencies

    Phillip Banks implements across the Blockchain Economy:

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    The opportunties are endless: finance, payments, remittance, settlemets - all benefitting from free transaction costs, new opportunities in defense, supply chain, healthcare, government, luxury goods, and retail too. The decentralized ledger will eliminate whole sectors of man-power, and its attendant programmable-operation will create as many challenges as it does opportunity. Don't be left behind.

    DevOps - understanding

    "There has never been a more important time to assess your company's operations and proceedures. If you don't know how the Blockchain can work for you, Phillip Banks can help. Those late to Artificial Intelligence, Decentralization, programmable and automated systems, risk falling prey to new and ever more efficient business models."

    For Every 2 New Jobs 7 Will Be Lost

    The Blockchain can speed transactions, verify the provenance of multiple parties, within a transaction. Its decentralized ledger, spread over global "nodes" (computers), can eliminate fraud, counterfeiting and make encrypted parties to a transaction anonymous and impossible to be tampered with: secure, efficient, automated.

    Application Programming Interface - API

    This promise to streamline back-end operations, create efficiencies and savings, will lead to the eradication of many components within existing systems. Savings in labour through automated processes will translate into profits. It has been predicted that for every 2 jobs creataed by the Blockchain Economy, 7 will disappear. To understand the true value of the Blockchain Economy, contact Phillip Banks for our Corporate Assessment of Opportunity versus Risk.

    Businesses readily effected include trading of assets, tracking of goods and services, authenticating provenance of ownership or transactions, managing supply chain, identity, and associated functions. Through Developers, Technical Architects and those expert in Risk Management, Security, Crytography, Process Management and Analytics, Phillip Banks can offer your firm a view on the future, with respect to the Blockchain Economy.

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