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Since its founding in 2005, Phillip Banks has been focused on understanding the needs of its clients. While every property search is unique, with different criterea, there are fundamental techniques which make the process more effective.

"The most important aspect when buying property is understanding what is needed."

Being in the industry also offers advantages for negotiating a favourable price when purchasing a client's desired property.


Robert Salisbury

Robert Salisbury is a Buyers Agent at Phillip Banks. He has over a decade of experience in buying and selling property, both for clients and himself. He has helped clients buy their dream home, office for work or property for investment. He is a qualified auctioneer, is experience in sub-division, marketing land for investment and has worked with property developers in seeking out assets to landbank.

"Every client is unique, but there are simple guidelines which can help".

Location - confine your search to 3 postcodes
Budget - confine your search to Budget (+/- 20%)
Must Haves - detail aspects you cannot live without
Desirables - detail those aspects you would prefer

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