Strategic Property Investments

    Phillip Banks has extensive experience in Commercial Sales and Leasing. They offer property appraisal, sales, leasing and management for Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Development property. They target development sites on behalf of developers and sales on behalf of portfolio managers. They can find and negotiate the purchase of property for you. For more information attend one of their educational events or register.


    Our database is looking for prestige homes

    Phillip Banks informs an extensive database, allowing property owners to sell rapidly, on a 'low-to-no' marketing cost basis. They offer a confidential selling service and can sell off market. Phillip Banks accepts cryptocurrency as payment for their services. See Terms.



    Using a professional gives you an edge

    Phillip Banks offer a confidential and efficient Buyers Agent service. They locate, assess, negotiate and secure property to your specification. Whether you are wanting to buy a home, a commercial property for your business or property for development, Phillip Banks can act on your behlaf. Take the stress, time and uncertainty out of property purchase. To discuss the kind of property you wish to buy contact Phillip Banks.

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    Terms of Business

    Commissions and Fees by Bank, Paypal or Cryptocurrency

    2% + GST
    @2% + GST
    $44,000 incl.
    Marketing Not Included
    10% Discount for Advance Payment
    Open Sales
    2.5% + GST
    @2.5% + GST
    $22,000 incl.
    Marketing Not Included
    10% Discount for Advance Payment
    Buyers Agent
    1% + GST
    $800,000 p.a.
    @1% + GST
    $8,800 + GST
    Plus Disbursements
    $1,000 Advance Payment
    10% + GST
    $80,000 p.a.
    @10% + GST
    $8,000 + GST
    Marketing Not Included
    10% Discount for Advance Payment

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