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What is a property syndicate?

A syndicate is a pooled-ownership of an asset - in Wallfund's case, of strategic land and / or commercial property. Properties sold in syndicate or unlisted trust form offer risk-assessed high yielding, value-added potential, with ease of management for medium term sale. Phillip Banks can only make this structure of property ownership avaliable to registered or 'professional investors'.

Typical Life of a Syndicate or Fund

Pooled owners of a syndcate or trust, will hold the asset [property] for a fixed term, determined by and detailed in the original product disclosure statement [PDS] for the syndicate or trust. This is often for 5 years, with an electable extension to 7 or up to 10 years. A shorter duration maybe be possible, if pre-determined in the original PDS. Syndicates and trusts hold property for high income or value-added potential, which is crystallised upon sale of the property and closure of the structure, and the return of investment and profits.

Disclosure and control

Wallfund provides information about each asset / property, which assists owners to form a view before acquiring a part ownership in the asset presented. This difference to traditional property purchase, because where owners pool their resources they can buy into opportunities they otherwise might not have been able to afford.

Risk & Diversification

Buying into property syndicates or funds is a fixed medium term committment. Before pledging your money to this illiquid investment, it would be wise to seek advice from a financial advisor. WALLFUND offers due diligence, oversight and guidance, to mitigate portfolio risk associated with property investment.

Monthly distributions and Capital Returns

Each Owner is entitled to a proportionate share of the property's net income. In addition, Wallfund allows owners to claim benefits of the relevant property's capital returns when the property is sold.

Yield Comparisons

Bank - savings account
Bank 5 Year Fixed Term
Residential Property
Shares - Dividends
Commercial Property

To learn more read our Factsheet: Property Syndicates - DOWNLOAD

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